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  1. Ask for the certification of one or more products by contacting us (LINK Contact us)
  2. An auditor will contact you for a first exchange and to agree on an appointment for an Audit
  3. You will receive the audit report and a proposal for a “circularity passport”
  4. Following your agreement, the certification body will grant the certification mark
  5. A random control can be carried out after 12 months of obtaining the mark by an inspection organization
  6. A renewal audit must be carried out every 48 months.


Manufacturers sign a sworn statement that all information is correct and complete.


CIRCULAR HOTEL INTERIOR undertakes to check, on a sample of manufacturers and in a random way, from 12 months of obtaining, the data provided during the Audit and published on this site. When an inaccuracy is reported, we will make the necessary checks and this will be corrected as soon as possible.
CIRCULAR HOTEL INTERIOR is not responsible for the information provided by the manufacturers.


A renewal audit will be performed every 48 months.


The audit will be performed by an independent third party expert.
The cost depends on the number of products listed. Request a quote here.
After the Audit, manufacturers pay an annual fee for each published product, this fee also covers the maintenance of this website and its promotion.

Regulations of use

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