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Welcome to the circular era in which we would like to guide you as a prescriber or purchaser for the hotel industry.  The certification mark ‘CIRCULAR Hotel-Interior’ aims to help you see the wood for the trees in the supply of circular interior solutions for the hotel industry.  We do this by means of an objective certification of interior, furniture and textile products aimed at the hotel sector.   The result? A clear assessment of four areas that are crucial for a circular product: eco-design, eco-production, lifetime extension and waste reduction. Each of these areas is represented by an icon. Each of these icons is also displayed on the circular passport of the product in question. Through the different product sheets, you can directly access the contact details of the member producers and suppliers. Read more


  • Doors and windows
  • Floor coverings
  • Interior partitions
  • Stairs and balustrade
  • Wall coverings

Here you will find an overview of sustainable solutions for the design of interior and exterior spaces: from floor, wall and ceiling coverings to doors, windows, interior walls, stairs, balustrades, etc. These products are part of a circular approach and are certified by the certification mark ‘CIRCULAR Hotel-Interior’. The products are presented in chronological order, with new products at the top of the list.

  • Bedding
  • Chairs and stools
  • Coffee tables
  • Custom furniture
  • Low table
  • Night tables
  • Office tables
  • Outdoor
  • Services
  • Sink furniture
  • Sofas and armchairs
  • Storage elements
  • TV furniture
  • Tables

The overview below will certainly come in handy if you are looking for circular indoor and outdoor furniture for the hospitality industry; a diverse range of circular products from’ CIRCULAR Hotel-Interior’: beds, sofas, chairs, seats, tables, storage furniture,… The products are listed in chronological order. You will find novelties at the top of the list.

  • Bath Linen
  • Bed linen
  • Carpets and mats
  • Curtains and blinds
  • Solid carpets
  • Table Linen
  • Upholstery fabrics

Bed linen, bath linen, table linen, carpets, curtains and furnishing fabrics…. Discover the variety of the circular textile offer of ‘CIRCULAR Hotel-Interior’, created for the professionals of decoration for the hotel industry, indoor and outdoor. The products are listed in chronological order. You will find novelties at the top of the list.

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